New Mitsubishi Electric ventilation system may prevent breathing dangerously polluted air

As pollution levels continue to rise, building owners have an opportunity to offer a source of better quality air, and to help improve the energy efficiency of mechanical services in the process.

According to the Health Effects Institute, more than 95% of the world’s population is now breathing dangerously polluted air. Pollution has become the fourth highest health risk, behind only high blood pressure, diet and smoking.

With people spending 90% of their time indoors, commercial ventilation systems can play an important role in protecting from these harmful effects, as well as creating a more comfortable environment.

And these benefits have been highlighted by Mitsubishi Electric as it launches a new heat recovery ventilation unit, which can be retro-fitted into most existing buildings.

The VL-50 Lossnay model is ducted using a single pipe, making it ideal for smaller premises. According to Mitsubishi Electric ventilation expert Janvi Patel, energy efficiency can be vastly improved as up to 84% of heat energy that would otherwise be wasted can be captured.

“This new system can be simply added to a room to bring fresh, energy efficient ventilation to any building, regardless of age,”

The Lossnay unit includes a fine paper core, which allows heated outgoing air to transfer energy to incoming air, bringing it closer to the indoor temperature. Harmful pollutants, smells and noise are filtered out, keeping the air inside fresh and comfortable while saving energy.

“Lossnay recovers both latent heat and sensible heat,” said Ms Patel. “It’s all about increasing comfort whilst minimising the energy needed to do so.”

The release comes after Mitsubishi Electric announced the launch of new air conditioning products, designed to improve efficiency while reducing impact on the environment as the industry moves away from refrigerants with high global warming potential.

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