Nearly half of employees believe management can’t help productivity levels

A good office air conditioning system can make a big difference to productivity levels, allowing staff to work effectively without the distraction of high temperatures or poor-quality air. Mechanical services can represent an important part of a wider office design strategy, supporting wellbeing and efficiency.

However, research shows many workers do not feel their employer is doing enough to support productivity, with stress and anxiety having a severe impact as a result.

Insurance firm Canada Life found 45% of employees think management do not know how to improve productivity, while 23% say a feeling their employer does not care about health or wellbeing is damaging to their productivity.

Staff in different types of offices feel stress and anxiety to differing degrees, with 32% of people in open-plan environments reporting work-related issues, compared to 37% in cubicle-style offices and 17% for those who work from home.

Paul Avis, marketing director of Canada Life Group Insurance, said flexible working can be a way for employees to show they are willing to make changes for staff, as well as making a substantial difference to productivity.

Earlier research by the company showed a disconnect between business leaders and workers, despite workers generally feeling they are productive.

“It is evident that many UK businesses need to do more to support and appreciate their staff, whether through simple remedies such as better communication of their organisation’s values, or companywide initiatives like redefining employee management and engagement practices,” said Mr Avis. “Whatever changes businesses make to increase productivity in the workplace, it is important that staff wellbeing is at the heart of it.”

Good lighting and comfortable temperatures are obvious ways to foster productivity in an office, but the benefits of quality air are often overlooked, particularly from a health perspective. If you’re interested in creating a better working environment and improving the wellbeing of your staff, click below to contact the 361 Degrees team.

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