Atlas Copco is about to mark 100 years of its presence in the UK. The world-renowned manufacturer opened its Hemel Hempstead customer centre in 1919 and it has been in continuous operation ever since.

Creating the right conditions for staff is an important way to reflect the heritage of the brand, and 361 Degrees worked with contractor Envoplan to design and install a heating and air conditioning system for the site.


Greater control over temperatures in separate rooms was key to increasing productivity, so we installed a Mitsubishi Electric VRF system. Cool air is distributed to rooms that need to be cooled, while heat from these areas is recovered and used to warm the air elsewhere when necessary.

The previous system used R22 refrigerant, which the 361 Degrees team replaced with a newer, more efficient option. The result is a system that is not only easier to control, but reduces costs by heating and cooling only the areas that need it.

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