No matter how well designed your HVAC installation is, your equipment can only continue to provide the right environment if it is maintained effectively. Visit 361 Servicing for details of how to protect your investment through ongoing checks and reactive works.

As a member of the 361 Degrees group, 361 Servicing has the mechanical services experience and expertise to quickly diagnose problems with your system. The team also offers inspection and certification services to keep your equipment compliant, along with water management to prevent damage by debris and protect against the risk of spreading bacteria.

The air we breathe is critical to our success. Properly maintained fresh air ventilation systems prevent a range of health problems and are proven to improve performance.
— Simon Stedman, 361 Servicing

A better environment

Creating a better environment goes well beyond the initial work and outlay. If you truly want the occupants of your building to excel, conditions need to be maintained. Consistent temperatures and good quality air help reduce absenteeism and improve productivity, so the impact on the bottom line is significant.

Beyond this, many warranties only remain valid if regular servicing is carried out and recorded by certified professionals. A servicing and maintenance contract is therefore essential to the protection of your investment in a quality heating or air conditioning installation. 361 Servicing will not only help you meet your warranty obligations, but also advise you on abiding by legislation and save you energy by ensuring your equipment runs efficiently.

All 361 Servicing engineers are DBS checked for work in education and care environments, and they hold a full range of industry qualifications such as Gas Safe registration and ISO certifications.

Straightforward HVAC management

Servicing and maintenance from 361 Servicing is designed to be easy. They cover heating, air conditioning, ventilation and energy management, meaning one supplier for all your mechanical design needs, whether your system was installed by 361 Degrees or not.

Before your contract gets underway, one of the team’s experts will conduct a site survey to assess your equipment and determine the best maintenance programme for you. A schedule is then tailored to suit your needs and ensure your boilers, air conditioning units and ventilation systems remain compliant with legal and warranty requirements. A close working relationship with 361 Degrees allows the team to act quickly when upgrades or replacements are necessary.

Proactive scheduling also means you won’t have to worry about when your next service is due, as the team will be in touch before it’s too late.

Air conditioning servicing isn’t just about cleaning filters. It’s about checking for potential problems and making sure the system isn’t costing more money than it should.
— Gavin Merry, 361 Servicing Engineer

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