Consistency is the foundation of trust. At 361 Degrees we prioritise making sure the commercial heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems we install operate correctly and at maximum efficiency, every time. We have become trusted partners of landlords and businesses of all sizes because our experienced Project Managers consistently deliver excellent service and results.

Trusting a commercial mechanical services provider with your investment is an important commitment and we maintain regular communication at every stage of a project so you can feel confident you know how it is progressing and there will be no surprises. From the moment we arrive on site we keep disruption to a minimum, and we plan projects around existing occupants of a building wherever possible so there isn’t any no interruption to your work.

You need your HVAC provider to be responsive and flexible.
— Tim Hibbert, Operations Manager, 361 Degrees

Knowing what to look for

HVAC installation projects are complex and failure to plan effectively can lead to expensive, time-consuming delays. Looking beyond the cheapest quote is essential, as you need to determine which company is best equipped to manage your project and deal with problems. Factors to consider include:

  • Technical understanding. Are you dealing with a company that fully understands the design, and what you are trying to achieve? Asking how a system compares to others the company installed in the past, or what other approaches they considered but ruled out, could provide some useful insight.
  • Qualifications. ISO certifications show a company meets certain safety and quality standards, while industry-specific credentials are important to ensure engineers can carry out whatever work is necessary to deliver the optimum system for your business.
  • Communication. A commercial HVAC provider should keep you informed at every stage, whether to seek your input or simply to update you on progress. If communication is not happening in the initial stages of discussing a contract, you should not expect it to improve once work is underway, so be wary if you do not feel you are treated as a true partner in the process.

With over 30 years’ experience in mechanical services, 361 Degrees has a network of quality suppliers and the in-house design and installation experience to ensure your project will run smoothly. But it’s our communication skills and commitment to go a degree further for every client that make us the first choice for commercial HVAC installations.


Every heating and air conditioning system is different and the only way to make the most of a good design is to understand how to use it to consistently maintain the right conditions. Yet all too often, those who are in the building do not know how to get the most from their equipment. This is usually because of poor handovers. From our experience, the handover stage of HVAC projects is one of the biggest problem areas in the mechanical services industry.

That’s why we created a dedicated Commissioning team to ensure a smooth transition to the client each and every project. The team will verify your equipment is up and running efficiently and has been installed according to manufacturer instructions. They will then provide operations and maintenance manuals for future reference, and train your staff on the best way to use your system.

For more information on our approach to HVAC installation and to learn how we can help you create the right conditions for people to excel, take a look at the articles below or contact the 361 Degrees Project Management team.

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