361 Degrees have been very helpful. I would not hesitate recommending them to any school or college.
— Kully Birring, Head of Facilities, Environment, Safety and Health at Barnfield College


We know environment can have a huge effect on productivity, so it’s important to ensure your school heating and air conditioning system is performing at its best. Studies show high temperatures in classrooms are linked to aggressive behaviour and poor exam performance. In the summer months particularly, when pressure is at its peak and end-of-year exams are taking place, it’s important to ensure that your school environment is conducive to high performance.

Schools, universities and colleges face unique challenges when booking heating and air conditioning work. Designs must take into account classroom layout so as to give a gentle air flow throughout the space, as well as considering the type of classrooms involved. Computer rooms may need extra cooling power, while large lecture theatres may be more difficult to heat and regulate. HVAC systems also need to be quiet, causing minimal disturbance to teaching.


Regularly working with bursars, facility and business managers, and governors of schools, colleges and universities allows us to understand the education sector and its challenges. Our engineers are experienced in these sectors and all hold current DBS checks. We consider your unique circumstances and make provisions to schedule and complete work at times convenient to you, when there will be minimal disruption to your institution.

Financially conscious by design

We understand the financial constraints within schools. Our systems are designed specifically for your buildings and as we regularly consult with educational institutions on their mechanical or HVAC systems we can provide the best system for the fairest price. We can even offer different standards and specifications of school heating, ventilation and air conditioning to meet your budget.

Research has proven that a better environment can lead to better results, so investing in HVAC for schools is a great way to improve student performance.


We have designed a range of installation and servicing packages for education customers that include:

  • working during school holidays for minimal disruption at no extra cost;
  • providing engineers that are always DBS checked to complete your work;
  • the ability to install a brand-new heating, ventilation or air conditioning system or upgrade existing ones;
  • free site surveys, designs and project management to ensure you are getting the best value from your HVAC systems;
  • a quote price promise – the price we quote you is the price you pay, with no extra costs for the system we design.

We can offer a range of different school air conditioning and heating systems with designs and specifications to meet every budget and circumstance. The types of system we can provide include wall-mounted air conditioners, cassette units, under ceiling air conditioning and heating units and ducted units. Our team of in-house designers will work with you to create a bespoke HVAC system to meet your school or college’s requirements.

The 361 Degrees team brings a full range of consulting, surveying, design, installation and commissioning expertise to every mechanical services project we work on, including school heating, ventilation and energy controls. You can also work with our sister company, 361 Servicing, to ensure your systems are always running efficiently.


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If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can create bespoke HVAC for schools, get in touch with us for a quote.

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