Indoor air quality is essential to create the perfect environment, so you need a reliable and efficient air conditioning design and installation partner. Our HVAC and mechanical services experts manage your project from start to finish, taking the time to understand the unique needs of your building and your people. The latest air conditioning technology can be combined with other mechanical services, and the complete design, installation and commissioning of your system will all be included in the price we quote.

According to a Fellowes study, overheating is a major cause of distraction for 37% of office workers. An effective air conditioning system can help businesses increase workers’ productivity, and help landlords create a more desirable environment for tenants.

But air conditioning can do much more than simply keep you cool. Heat recovery systems help save energy by directing the heat they extract from warm air to cooler parts of your building. Air conditioning is also important for humidity control, which can be just as important to workplace comfort and wellbeing as temperature and air quality.

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A good air conditioning system improves health, productivity and a company’s bottom line. Superior design is essential to getting it right.
— Bevan Green, 361 Degrees

Why should you work with 361 Degrees?

Expert Consultants

Creating the right conditions for success is easier than you think. The 361 Degrees team takes the hassle out of your air conditioning project by getting a complete understanding of your needs and conducting a thorough site survey before work on your tailored system gets underway. If you are looking for full building services consultancy, visit 361 Consulting.

Unique Designs

Whether you’re only looking for  an air conditioning system or would like to combine it with heating and ventilation, our design team will create a solution that balances energy efficiency and performance. There is no risk of unforeseen costs, because the price you’re quoted is the final price you pay.

Exceptional Installations

Your business doesn’t stop when your air conditioning needs to be replaced, so our engineers work with you and around you. Their reputation for quality and dependable work makes us a preferred supplier for many contractors, while our dedicated Commissioning team is on hand to certify your equipment and train you to operate it.

Our sister company 361 Servicing will then help you protect your investment and your warranties through regular checks.

How commercial air conditioning works

Modern commercial air conditioning began as a way to control humidity in a publisher’s printing house. Passing warm, humid air over cold coils extracted heat and moisture and the same principles are applied today.

Different systems use slightly different methods and processes, but behind the scenes the basic operation is as follows:

  1. Cold, liquid refrigerant is sent through evaporator coils;
  2. Air passes over these coils and the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air;
  3. The refrigerant heats up and becomes gas;
  4. The gas enters a compressor, which begins to convert it back into a liquid;
  5. The extra heat is extracted through condenser coils and the refrigerant re-enters an evaporator;
  6. The cold, liquid refrigerant begins the cycle again.

Once the air has passed over the coils it is pumped into the room by a wall unit or through ducts. That flow of air is the only part of the system most people pay attention to, so making sure it is regulated and does not cause disruption is an essential part of air conditioning design.

The heat extracted from the air has to go somewhere, so it is expelled outside by the fans often seen in units on rooftops or behind retail premises. Alternatively, the heat is retained and used to warm up cooler areas of the building, in what is as known as a heat recovery system.

The team at 361 Degrees has extensive experience in a wide range of air conditioning systems, including single split, multi-split and variable refrigerant flow (VRF). For more information on these systems and to discuss the solution for your building, click below to get in touch.

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