We believe that people excel under the right conditions, and that is our reasoning for providing expertise and custom-fit solutions for a variety of industries including gyms and fitness centres. We believe in designing and installing HVAC systems that help people perform to the best of their ability and achieve their full potential. Working closely with our customers, we aim to help them understand how to create the right conditions to attain high-level performance and productivity.

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Having delivered stunning results in a recent project for Leo Gym Marlow; success roars as the state-of-the-art space now provides effective ventilation and thermal comfort. From gym equipment to artistic vision to HVAC installation, the elements combined offer members the conditions to ensure contentment and maximise their performance levels.

HVAC installation and temperature control in the gym not only boosts productivity and comfort, but it is also imperative for maintaining the health and wellbeing of members. This is due to viruses and bacteria which harbour in poorly ventilated environments as droplets in the air. Statements made by leading microbiologist Dr Laura Bowater emphasise the importance of an effective ventilation system in a gymnasium, as it removes stale, bacteria-laden air and replaces it with fresh treated air from outside.

The atmosphere and environment of a commercial space can have a significant impact on the customer experience, which will ultimately determine whether or not they wish to return. By implementing a tailored solution, you can focus on maintaining customer satisfaction and retention and generate new business via word of mouth.

With years of experience in designing, installing and managing HVAC systems for an array of building shapes and sizes, we make it a priority to offer efficient and cost-effective solutions. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you get more out of your next project, by ensuring that air quality is taken into consideration from the initial planning stage.

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