Our technical consultants have over 35 years of experience in surveying, designing, installing, commissioning and servicing industrial mechanical services and will meet with you to discuss your needs and then deliver a project that exceeds your expectations.
— Bevan Green, 361 Degrees Technical Consultant

Warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories and production facilities require specialist industrial mechanical services. Maintaining a comfortable and consistent environment is important in every workplace, but in a warehouse or manufacturing plant, it can be essential to preserving stock and preventing major losses.

Individually designed and installed air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems are required to meet the challenges of these areas. We aim to provide your business with the best industrial HVAC solutions that are not only tailored to your business, but also cost-effective.

HVAC for warehouses

Effective climate control is important to every workplace, from offices, where productivity is important, to gyms that need to provide a healthy environment for customers. But for manufacturing and storage, the right conditions can be critical to the integrity and survival of your products.

Different types of stock have different ventilation and air conditioning requirements, so our consultants and designers take the time to understand the unique needs of your space and the products housed there. From hybrid VRF systems to destratification solutions, we can ensure reliable and consistent temperatures and humidity year-round.


Cold storage is becoming increasingly important to the pharmaceutical industry, so temperatures need to be tightly controlled and observed. Preserving the integrity of medicines is critical, and storage and distribution is subject to strict regulation by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Years of experience in pharmaceutical environments has given us the insight to take a holistic approach in this important area. One of the greatest challenges is ensuring temperature is evenly maintained throughout a large space, and our team has developed techniques to ensure this can be well controlled and monitored. The result is a consistent environment that gives pharmacists, their suppliers and their patients confidence that stock is always in prime condition.

Clean rooms

Some of our most interesting and challenging projects have involved clean rooms, where 25 to 50 air changes per hour can be essential to maintaining the right conditions. Laboratories, testing rooms and other clean environments need careful planning, with an understanding of how air pressure can affect the integrity of the space.


The principle of building in redundancy is often overlooked in the industrial HVAC design process. While other types of environment may be able to withstand a temporary loss of heating, cooling or climate control, in an industrial setting even a brief interruption could be catastrophic.

All our designs include a redundancy element, to ensure continuity and significantly reduce the risk of lost product.

Minimum impact on your business

No matter what your unique requirements are, 361 Degrees’ team have the expertise to provide you with a quality industrial HVAC solution. We understand that your business can't stop when one of your mechanical systems or services needs an upgrade, so we work with you to make sure that our schedule has minimal impact on your business. And because everything we do is managed in-house, we can consult, survey, design and install full systems that are perfectly adapted to your commercial HVAC needs. 

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

  • Industrial ventilation systems

  • Heat extraction systems

  • Clean rooms

  • Humidity control and process cooling

Once you are up and running, our servicing and maintenance partner, 361 Servicing, can provide the ongoing support you need to keep your industrial HVAC systems in prime condition for years to come.


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