For most businesses, temperature control, humidity and fresh air flow are at the heart of a successful, productive environment. For some, they are critical to the very operation of the company. 

Sigma Pharmaceuticals, based in Watford, is one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors in the UK. Storage and distribution of medicines are subject to strict regulation by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which means temperature and climate must be well controlled and monitored.

Our work at Sigma Pharmaceuticals spanned several floors and included consultancy and mechanical installation. We worked alongside design and build company Envoplan, with each phase of the project focusing on a different function and therefore different solutions. 

A Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay heat recovery ventilation system helps create the right conditions in each area, with heat extracted from warm areas redistributed to cooler parts of the building. 

Warehouse space, offices, meeting rooms and changing rooms are all served by the system. And as with all our pharmaceutical HVAC designs, the increased importance of continuity means we incorporate a redundancy system to reduce the risk of lost product.

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