We believe in designing and installing HVAC systems that have a positive impact on both a space and its people. We work closely with our customers, to understand their needs down to the finest detail and to ensure that we consider any special requirements from the very start of the process.

We’ve helped customers in many different industries, including pharmaceuticals, where temperature control is critical to business operation, and understand that HVAC is about much more than just employee comfort.

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Our work at Sigma Pharmaceuticals spanned several floors and included consultancy and mechanical installation. We worked alongside design and build company Envoplan, with each phase of the project focusing on a different function and therefore different solutions.

In the pharmaceuticals industry, HVAC plays a vital role in the manufacturing and storage of medicinal products. An uncontrolled environment can lead to the degradation of products and additional cost in waste and increased production. As well as requiring strict temperature control, pharmaceutical spaces need a high level of ventilation in order to prevent cross-contamination from one production space to another.

But it’s not just production areas that must be considered. Warehouse space, offices, meeting rooms and changing rooms must all be served by the system in order to ensure the best overall results. For example, some production spaces may need to maintain a very low temperature in order for chemicals and ingredients to remain effective, but of course, we wouldn’t expect office staff to have to endure the same conditions at their desk. In spaces like this, a holistic approach is required.

Furthermore, the increased importance of continuity means we incorporate a redundancy system on every project to reduce the risk of lost product.

To find out more about our work in the pharmaceutical industry, see our case study with Sigma Pharmaceuticals here, or give us a call on 01582 471 999 to see how we can help with your individual requirements.

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