The whole end to end experience was a joy to behold. Everything that was said prior to engagement was delivered by the installation team. The work was undertaken and delivered to complete satisfaction.
— Media Solutions Company, London

Increased productivity, an improved bottom line and happier staff can all be achieved with a perfect working environment from 361 Degrees. We can use the full range of mechanical services including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to design and install a system that delivers. As a result, we can help to create the most ideal office HVAC solution for your business.

The Invisible Environment

On average, office workers in the UK spend just 37 minutes a day outside, excluding their commute. For around 40% of these workers, the figure is less than 15 minutes. As the amount of time we spend in offices has increased, designers have taken steps to make them more attractive spaces.

Better coffee machines, more comfortable chairs and entertaining breakout spaces may have helped to improve productivity, but too often one of the most fundamental aspects is ignored - indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality has a significant effect on morale, productivity and attendance levels, but it may not be considered until too late in the design process. If an office is stuffy, too humid or too cold, it is more difficult to attract and retain the best staff.

We call this the Invisible Environment, because it has a tangible effect on the people in a building, despite the fact you rarely see or think about it.

Office heating, ventilation and air conditioning should be designed with the unique needs of the occupants in mind. 361 Degrees has extensive knowledge and experience of working with customers in individual offices, open-plan workspaces, laboratories, cold rooms and other spaces.

Whatever your heating and cooling needs, we can help you provide an environment that supports and protects the people in your office.

If you have a poorly designed or installed system that creates a poor working environment, you end up with high staff turnover and lower productivity.
— Iain Kyle, Head of Design, 361 Degrees

Understanding Office Air Quality

Surveys of office staff show heating and air conditioning are among the most important factors in maintaining morale and productivity levels. A good heating system was named as necessary to support mental health and wellbeing at work by 96% of respondents to a study, particularly during winter months when 55% admitted to ‘pulling a sickie’.

Although buildings in the UK are designed to retain heat, warmer summers are making office air conditioning indispensable. We breathe more than 15,000 litres of air every day, so filtering that air effectively is vital to reducing the risk of damage from particulates, as well as preventing the spread of disease.

Better air quality reduces mistakes by 44%, and absences are decreased by 26% when staff work in green-certified buildings. Taking steps to improve your office air conditioning is an important investment, with Imperial College London research showing the productivity boost from the likes of better thermal comfort and air quality could be worth up to £20 billion to UK GDP.

Greener workspaces are healthier, more enjoyable places to work, and this has a tangible impact on productivity, employee health and the business bottom line.
— Terri Wills, CEO of World Green Building Council

Minimising Disruption

Many of our office air conditioning and heating projects involve work in occupied spaces, so keeping disruption to a minimum is essential. Planning is key, as we need to work around the people who use the space every day.

Often this means working in sections, with staff moving out of one area, then relocating when the first stage of work is complete. Taking the time to truly understand your space and your people allows us to create a schedule that means you don’t lose the use of your office during a mechanical services project, helping keep your staff motivated and interested in the improvements.

Long-life Support

Our work across a range of sectors and organisations means we have the expertise to deliver an office HVAC system that is energy-efficient, cost-effective and hassle-free. And as Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partners and Daikin D1 Approved installers we can give you additional support and long-life warranties up to 7 years.

  • VRF / VRV Air Conditioning Systems

  • Split DX Air Conditioning

  • Water Chilled Air Conditioning

  • Gas Boiler Heating

  • Fresh Air Ventilation


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