Good Office Heating Systems are Key to Wellbeing

A good commercial heating system is the most important way to support wellbeing at work, according to a survey of office staff.

The indoor environment has long been known to have a significant effect on productivity, with good air quality and thermal comfort crucial to getting the most from employees. But office conditions also affect wellbeing, and employees are becoming more aware of the difference a well designed and maintained workplace can have on their health.

Peldon Rose’s survey found a good heating system is critical in the modern workplace, with 96% of respondents citing it as the most important factor in supporting mental health and wellbeing at work.

With half of people stating winter adversely affects their mood and 55% admitting to ‘pulling a sickie’ during these months, businesses can’t afford to overlook the measures they can take to combat the impact of cold weather and long nights.

The Business Case

Last year a study by Imperial College London showed there is a strong case for prioritising staff wellbeing through measures such as improved air quality and better commercial heating system design. Ensuring each member of staff can work in an optimal temperature range was one of six areas businesses were advised to address.

Others included providing natural light and reducing carbon dioxide levels in the air. The research showed productivity could be boosted by as much as 8% as a result, which would add up to £20 billion to UK GDP if applied to all businesses.

Understanding Your Needs

Natural light was also a factor mentioned in the Peldon Rose survey, with a fifth of respondents saying they are not exposed to it in the office, despite 94% believing it is important to wellbeing. Breakout spaces, quiet areas and an opportunity to have open and honest conversations were also among the issues considered important.

Chief executive Jitesh Patel advised companies that mood and productivity can go hand in hand. “The first initiative is for businesses to properly understand and then meet employee needs such as good heating, exposure to natural light, office facilities and opportunities to get people more physically active,” he said. “Then businesses should tailor the workplace and office environment around them and their identified needs.”

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