Mitsubishi Electric Creates New Air Conditioning Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric began the year with the launch of two new air conditioning products designed to maximise efficiency in commercial settings.

The MSZ-AP range consists of three wall-mounted units, each of which uses R32 refrigerant. R32 is becoming more widespread as the industry moves away from refrigerants with high global warming potential.

Carl Dickinson, product specialist at Mitsubishi Electric, noted the price of refrigerants such as R410A is rising, so the company is creating air conditioning solutions that offer better performance and more advanced controls.

“We are looking to make it as easy as possible for the industry to transition away from existing refrigerants so that everyone can play their part in delivering energy efficiency in ways that minimise the impact on the environment,” he said.

361 Degrees works closely with Mitsubishi Electric and other manufacturers to provide heating and cooling systems for a wide range of commercial premises. The MSZ-AP range features Mitsubishi Electric’s ‘Replace’ technology, which allows the air conditioning units to be used both in new HVAC installations and as upgrades incorporating existing pipework.

Efficiency and Flexibility

The company also launched a smaller range, in the form of a single fan air conditioning unit using variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology. Known as mini-VRF, it is designed to offer greater efficiency and flexibility, particularly in urban environments where space is limited.

Product specialist Jordan Jeewood said the model is ideal where noise levels and the height of a typical outdoor unit might otherwise pose a challenge, such as in boutique hotels and mixed-use buildings.

“Most importantly, developers can mix and match different indoor units from our M Series, Mr Slim and City Multi VRF range including our stylish new wall-mounted units to provide complete design flexibility,” he added.

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