Video: What to Expect from HVAC Design

One of the most important things about commissioning an HVAC design is knowing you’re in good hands. Every system should be unique, so it can be difficult to judge whether what worked in one building will translate to your own.

The key is to find an experienced consultant who understands the unique challenges of your people and your building, and who can communicate with you about what to expect in the design stage, and throughout the HVAC installation process.

In this video, Design Consultant Iain Kyle explains his priorities when he begins a project, chief among which is the need to make sure occupants are as comfortable as possible. Many studies have shown people are healthier and more productive when they are provided with the right conditions, and that begins with good HVAC design.

The Overspecification Problem

Energy efficiency is also an important consideration, from an environmental perspective as well as a cost-cutting one, but Iain explains why overspecification is often a problem, and what 361 Consulting does to avoid it.

“I like to present the whole picture; I like the detail. And that is what sets us apart as a company when it comes to our designs,” he says.

Better air quality, thermal comfort and good lighting can improve cognitive function (one key measure of productivity) by 26%. Healthier, more engaged staff make better decisions and are less likely to be absent, so 361 Consulting always puts people at the heart of building design.

The result is better building services, better HVAC installations and better conditions, all of which lead to bigger returns on investment. For more information and to speak to a member of the team, visit the 361 Consulting site.

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