Bring the Outside in with Better Ventilation

Every business is looking for ways to get ahead or stay ahead of the competition. Looking after staff and their environment is one of the simplest, most effective ways to make a difference, as people excel under the right conditions. 361 Degrees believes in the concept of ‘bringing the outside in’, using effective air conditioning and ventilation design to replicate the energising conditions of the great outdoors. And with research showing many office staff spend less than 15 minutes outdoors each day, the need to improve the indoor environment may be greater than ever.

Interior landscaping firm Ambius found the average UK office worker is outside for 37 minutes a day, excluding their commute, though this drops below a quarter of an hour for 40% of people. Respondents also spend more time at their desks (nearly 7 hours) than they do in bed (6.4 hours).

A lack of fresh air was the most commonly cited frustration with the workplace, meaning employers and landlords have an opportunity to set themselves apart by providing a high quality indoor environment that reflects the needs of modern workers.

Positive effects on performance

Kenneth Freeman, head of innovation at Ambius, encouraged managers to be more aware of the impact the workplace can have on staff health. “Bringing elements of nature in to the workplace or enabling them to personalise their workstations has positive effects on performance, including increases in productivity, creativity and a greater sense of wellbeing,” he said.

Previous studies have shown better air quality can improve productivity by 10%, as well as reducing mistakes by 44%. Biophilic design is known to improve morale by taking inspiration from nature and an investment in better building services can help occupants experience a connection with the outdoors.

“As well as the natural benefits of getting some fresh air, feeling close to the natural world can generally make us feel happier, healthier and more productive during the day,” said Mr Freeman.

To learn more about bringing the outside in through better building services, click below to contact the 361 Degrees team and discuss the needs of your building and its people.

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