Meet the Team: Design Consultant Iain Kyle

Some of the biggest problems with mechanical systems such as air conditioning, heating and ventilation come down to the simplest of failures. As in so many situations, thorough preparation is the key to getting everything just right. When it comes to mechanical engineering, an expert designer can be the difference between a noisy, inefficient system and the perfect solution for every commercial environment.

Iain Kyle leads the design team at 361 Degrees and he’s made it his mission to get the preparation just right from the outset of every project.

Choosing the Best Approach

Having spent 10 years at a mechanical and electrical design consultancy before joining the 361 Degrees team, Iain’s experience covers a vast range of projects – from a £1 million school music centre to a £500 million retail and residential complex. A Master’s degree in sustainable energy systems means he’s got a particular understanding of the industry’s carbon impact, and how to translate the need to hit targets into day-to-day operations.

“I take clients’ briefs and the initial outline, and turn that into a set of drawings with schedules to enable the engineers to install,” says Iain. Without that detail, he explains, it’s unlikely a system will be perfect, with irritating noise and costly inefficiency some of the most common shortcomings.

But the 361 Degrees design service actually goes a lot further, as Iain’s consultancy background allows him to take on a much bigger role in the process. Where other designers will work from briefs that are not fully formed, Iain collaborates with clients to make sure everything is considered.

“The best approach to take can depend on the customer’s priorities,” he says. “Are running costs more important than carbon footprint, or is a system that needs particularly low maintenance the best option?”

A Deeper Understanding

One of the most important ways to find that best approach is to liaise with as many parties as possible, and Iain is relishing the opportunity to visit customers – something other designers are less likely to have an opportunity to do.

By examining sites directly and developing relationships to improve the flow of information, he’s confident 361 Degrees is building an unparalleled design service. “As a designer, you’ll sometimes see a problem, put forward a solution, and a couple of months later find out whether it worked or not,” he says. “As a Design Consultant, I’m involved at every stage, so we can all develop a deeper understanding of the process and the systems.”

To learn more about our consultancy and design work, call or email the 361 Degrees team today.

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