How Does Prefabrication Help Schools and Businesses?

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations are major projects, with the potential to create significant disruption if they’re not managed correctly. Our detailed planning minimises that disruption, but we always look for ways to be more efficient when we’re working on a site.

This is particularly the case for school heating projects, as every day saved on the premises reduces the burden of risk assessments and planning for the customer.

Thanks to prefabrication, the 361 Degrees team can carry out much of the labour at our own headquarters, before shipping equipment like boilers to the customer’s site and quickly assembling them.

As you can see in our Inside 361 video series, prefabrication allows standard equipment to be modified in a controlled environment. Elements such as valves, pipework and wheels are fitted in-house, which is ideal for quality control. Components are then carefully deconstructed and labelled before shipping.

Benefits of the prefabrication process include:

  • A reduction in the time needed on site;

  • Lower material and installation costs;

  • Fewer health and safety implications;

  • Less waste;

  • Fewer distractions, which leads to higher quality installations.

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