A ‘Major Evolution’ for Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced its first range of R32 air conditioning products to the UK, promising energy savings as well as reducing impact on the environment.

The R32 refrigerant was already in use as a component of its predecessor, R410A. But R32 is more efficient and easier to recycle when used on its own, and up to 20% less refrigerant is needed in the system.

As this Mitsubishi infographic explains, the Global Warming Potential rating of R32 is just one-third that of R410A. Commercial director Donald Daw said the new range represents a “major product evolution”.

“R32 units have been available in Japan for over two years now and we have taken that knowledge and experience and refined it into this stylish and efficient offering,” he said. “Our engineers have put their heart and soul into developing a superb range of indoor units that offers better efficiencies and more features.”

The air conditioning units are set to be particularly useful for office refurbishments, as Mitsubishi’s ‘Replace’ technology can incorporate existing pipework.

R32 has not been in widespread use to date because of concerns over combustibility, but with the 2014 EU F-Gas regulations came a greater focus on reducing emissions. Any risk associated with R32 is now deemed low enough that the need to reduce F-Gas emissions by 79% between 2015 and 2030 takes precedence.

Nonetheless, regular servicing by certified, expert engineers is a must to keep any air conditioning system running safely and efficiently.

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