Manufacturers Unveil R32 Air Conditioning Systems

Two of the world’s top air conditioning unit manufacturers have revealed details of new equipment using R32 refrigerant.

Mitsubishi Electric has updated its Mr Slim power inverter range, which features 10 outdoor units and 25 indoor units, including ceiling cassettes, wall-mounted and ceiling-suspended models.

The company has previously described R32 as the “logical choice” for the air conditioning market, as regulations designed to help reduce global warming force the industry to find alternatives to existing refrigerants.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Graham Temple explained disruption should be minimal for customers, as the new Mr Slim range is more efficient and provides full heating capacity in temperatures as low as minus 3 degrees C, but its features are consistent with previous versions.

“We want to make it easy for installers and customers to switch to R32 so have not only kept the price the same as existing R410A Power Inverter models but also retained the size, look, feel and controls,” he said.

Further flexibility is provided by 100-metre pipe runs, the longest on the market, which includes a 30-metre lift that is unique in the UK. These features will allow for effective installation under conditions where site restrictions might otherwise have prevented it.

Meanwhile, fellow manufacturer Daikin has created a new inverter split wall mounted unit using the R32 refrigerant, which emits up to 80% less carbon dioxide than the R410A version. The company also believes energy bills could be reduced by between 30% and 70%, compared to traditional equivalents.

“As a part of our environmental commitment to society, we believe it is a manufacturer’s duty to advise the market and develop sustainable solutions that have practical applications to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions,” said Daikin’s Tuna Gelenc.

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