How Can Building Developers Help Improve Productivity?

Building developers have been urged to provide the same level of support to mechanical and electrical contractors as they do to architects and interior designers, if they want occupants to experience a truly productive environment.

Staff in any commercial property can only truly excel if they are provided with the right conditions and indoor air quality is among the most important factors. Speaking to MEP Middle East, 3e Advisory founder Sougata Nandi explained the steps needed for buildings to become truly ‘smart’. These begin with informed developers who provide strong support to mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) providers, because they understand the role these systems play in the fabric of their buildings.

Healthy and Productive Buildings

This will allow the convergence of different systems and more effective data collection, which leads to smarter buildings. And although the focus of new technology is often energy efficiency, Mr Nandi noted emphasis should be placed on creating “healthy and productive” buildings.

“Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems are designed for maximum capacity – peak occupancy and peak cooling load – which rarely occur for more than a few countable hours in a year,” he said.

“A smart MEP system should neither be designed for extreme conditions, nor should it be limited by its controls to be compelled to operate at full load. A truly smart MEP system should be designed to deliver the optimal indoor environmental quality.”

Productivity and Profitability

A recent Memoori survey of commercial office users highlighted the importance of designing buildings that work better for occupants, rather than simply “flooding” them with technology.

Researchers found there is a shift toward technology serving the same objective as a building, whether it’s to help students learn or aid the recovery of patients. For an office building, the key lies in improving the health, comfort and wellbeing of employees, as greater productivity leads to greater profits.

For more information about the ways new technology can be used to improve comfort and productivity in a commercial environment, visit 361 Consulting.

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