Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin Unveil New R32 Units

Two of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment are set to introduce new models using the R32 refrigerant.

‘F-Gas’ regulations introduced by the EU in 2014 are designed to cut the use of hydrofluorocarbons by nearly 80% by 2030. The use of R32 in air conditioning units is one of the major ways the industry plans to meet this target, as the refrigerant’s global warming potential is significantly lower than those it is replacing.

Mitsubishi Electric – Mr Slim

Mitsubishi Electric used its recent Meet2017 event in East London to introduce R32 versions of its Mr Slim Power Inverter units, the prices of which will be the same as their predecessors.

Product Manager Carl Dickinson explained the move is intended to eliminate “a big hurdle” for designers, installers and end users, who want to make the change to help combat global warming, but have found costs prohibitive.

“Not only will this help businesses demonstrate what they are doing to help the environment, the use of R32 also allows the Mr Slim units to offer increased efficiency compared to equivalent R410A models,” he said.

Daikin – Sky Air

Daikin, meanwhile, has updated its Sky Air indoor units to be compatible with R32 and R410A outdoor units, as well as introducing new models. As reported by the Cooling Post, the range consists of the Sky Air Alpha, Advance and Active.

The latter two units are notably light and compact, at less than 1m high and using a single fan up to 14kW. Ahead of the launch, Product Manager Anthony Ysebaert highlighted the lower environmental impact and durability of the systems. “The new Sky Air range is extremely flexible and has been developed to make the installation process as simple as possible, even in the most demanding of applications,” he added.

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