Meet the Team: Contracts Manager Oliver Green

In theory, the best chance of meeting Oliver Green is to pay a visit to the 361 Degrees office. As one of the founders of the company he’s helped shape the business, and now as Contracts Manager he oversees many aspects of our installations. In reality, however, you’re more likely to find him on a site, seeing first-hand how the project is progressing and helping the team with more complex work.

Decades of technical experience allow him to seamlessly bridge the gap between the theory and the practical, and his problem-solving instincts make being “on tools” his favourite place to be.

Practical Solutions

Oliver’s career in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) began in the early 1990s, when the company he founded with his father and brother expanded from its original flooring and plastering brief. As a plasterer, mechanic and servicing engineer he quickly gained experience in a wide range of technical work, before the company focused specifically on HVAC.

A later merger created 361 Degrees and Oliver became Operations Manager, with heavy practical involvement. He continues that now, even as his role becomes more office-based, as he believes getting to a site to see problems first-hand is the best way to pass his knowledge on to other members of the team.

“On the more complex projects, for example where the pipework needs to reach awkward places, I love coming up with solutions,” he says. That passion is clear when you see him in action, and his colleagues speak of how he sees things others won’t – a trait he humbly puts down to experience.

A New Approach

Whether it comes through practice or instinct, Oliver says his main focus is keeping things simple. The industry tends to overcomplicate things, either because of a lack of understanding of possible solutions to a problem, or because clients’ briefs are too strictly adhered to.

“Customers might pay a lot for sophisticated designs, but what they really want is something that will work, within their budget,” he says.

As his role in the company continues to evolve, Oliver expects site visits to remain a key feature, albeit in a slightly different capacity. Rather than troubleshooting, he’ll be involved earlier, identifying the unique challenges and possibilities of each project to help ensure every installation is as simple and cost-effective as possible.

“I’d like 361 Degrees to provide an effective, efficient consultancy service, but without the high costs our customers associate with consultants,” he explains. It may be a different way of working, but it’s a logical approach given the depth of technical expertise available to the 361 Degrees team.

For more information on our installation services and the people behind our projects, take a look at our Process page.

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