BESA highlights preventable office air quality crisis

A Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) survey has shown that 70% of office workers complain about poor air quality.

The survey, conducted in conjunction with YouGov, also highlights a major misconception when it comes to tackling poor indoor air quality: that you should open a window.

The highlights of the report include:

  • 68% of office workers experience lapses in concentration on a monthly or more frequent basis
  • Over two thirds (67%) of recipients reported suffering from fatigue while at work on a monthly or more frequent basis
  • Over half (54%) of office workers surveyed experience decreased productivity on a monthly or more frequent basis
  • Over a third (41%) of people experience watery or irritated eyes when in the office on a monthly or more frequent basis

Full information on this can be found at the BESA website.


361 Degrees’ tackles Air Pollution

361 Degrees’ design team has experience of tackling indoor air pollution. However, it’s never the equipment or the design that poses the biggest challenges, it can be the culture.

“Just open a window. That’s the usual response when it comes to bad smells, a stuffy office or other air pollution problems. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible or recommended to just open a window.

Many new buildings are sealed areas with large glass windows that do not open. Other buildings are by the side of roads or in industrial or inner city areas where the outside air is sometime worse than the air in the office.

The solution to good indoor air quality is mechanical services that include fresh air ventilation. By using air conditioning, heating, ventilation and building controls you can create an environment that has fresh, filtered air than improves productivity and reduces the number of complaints; allowing everyone to get on with their jobs.

361 Degrees completely understands the results of this latest BESA survey, many people worry about having the right chair or the right desk but businesses also need to consider the effect of increased carbon dioxide levels and the effects they have on the human body.

Poor air quality in offices is not a difficult problem to solve, if you have the right expertise. With over 30 years of experience in dealing with air conditioning, ventilation, heating and energy controls 361 Degrees can deliver an office environment that is energy efficient and productive.

The main problem is that it’s the last thing on most businesses minds but I use the analogy of a car. If you have a car that has great seats but the fuel is wrong, or the filters on the engine are blocked, you are sat in a very plush, broken down car. The human body’s fuel is oxygen. Our job is to deliver the best fuel for your business.”

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