When was the last time you had your ductwork cleaned?

The upkeep of your heating and ventilation system is extremely important. By following a disciplined service and maintenance schedule you will prevent dirty ventilation ducts and the associated problems. Poor air quality, system inefficiencies and in the worst case, fires are attributed to dirty ductwork. Its essential employers provide clean ventilation to their employees, in order to maximise productivity and satisfy occupant comfort and safety.


According to a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), almost 70% of office workers believe poor air quality in their workplace is having a negative impact on their daily productivity and well-being. With 60% of people choosing to open a window for ‘fresh air’ when in fact they pose themselves to further risk by letting in outdoor toxins. This survey was published not long after the report released from the Royal College of Physicians, stating that both indoor and outdoor pollution attribute to 40,000 premature deaths a year. Which only puts the UK Government under more pressure to enforce new policies to fix the problem.


Certain establishments which include kitchens will need extract fans to remove unwanted odours and steam. These will need a thorough approach to ductwork cleaning as they accumulate grease, which if comes into contact with flames or high temperatures can cause fire to spread rapidly through ductwork. Not only this but grease leaves unhygienic deposits which lead to bad odours, vermin and mechanical efficiency hazards.

A degree further

361 Degrees have designed a host of ductwork structures which in turn need servicing and maintaining to ensure good clean air circulation. We understand that the functionality of a ventilation system can be effected by different spaces depending on their daily running. Our experience working with various industries gives us the knowledge on how frequent your particular ductwork should be cleaned. These can vary differently from kitchens to surgical rooms, whatever the space 361 Degrees guarantee to uphold the cleanliness of the ducts, preventing occupant discomfort and health risk.

See here for one of our most artistic ductwork structures designed for Cineflix Productions. 

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