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There is no excuse for businesses to suffer poor air quality with the efficient technologies we have available to us today.

Proper ventilation is essential for providing good air quality for any environment, which is why combined heating, cooling and ventilation systems have been designed to deliver good air circulation for any business. These cleverly engineered systems eliminate bad odours, irritating pollutants and harmful gases. The use of an efficient ventilation system will also prevent the formation of mould and mildew, commonly found in kitchen spaces, which is vital for employee health and building hygiene.

Working within a poor ventilated environment can not only decrease productivity but cause serious health risks such as asthma, dermatitis or cancer. Industries set in hospitality, laboratories and automotive manufacturing will need to provide correct ventilation to its employees to prevent exposure of hazardous gases and chemicals.  According to COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations, employers are required to control substances that can harm workers’ health. As a minimum ‘a good standard of general ventilation and good working practise’ is mandatory.

A degree further

361 Degrees have designed a range of solutions for businesses who legally require good ventilation for the workplace. Our ability to design and consult on the installation from start to finish with energy efficiency benefits gives us a competitive advantage in the mechanical industry.

We ensure you stay within regulatory guidelines and save money on your running costs, ultimately maximising the amount of energy you use. Our strong partnership with industry supplier Mitsubishi Electric allows us to supply the best products on the market and at a fair price.

See here for our project at Paper Mill studios, which is a perfect example of how we use our partners to deliver an excellent ventilation installation. 

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