YouTube Series ‘Inside 361’ launched by Bedfordshire Air Conditioning Company

An innovative new video series focusing on the daily activities of Bedfordshire based mechanical services consultancy and installation experts 361 Degrees has now launched on YouTube.

The company, which also specialises in design, service and maintenance, has already made available the first three episodes, with a further three episodes coming before the end of the year.

The series, available on the company’s YouTube channel, is entitled ‘Inside 361’ Degrees and focuses on two projects:

·        The first is a boiler replacement for The Royal and Derngate Theatre in Northampton. With help from their partners at Remeha, 361 Degrees delivered a full refurbishment of the theatre’s main heating systems without the loss of heating, or interfering with any performances.

·        The second is a school boiler replacement on the south coast. To avoid unnecessary issues, the majority of the boiler works were prefabricated off-site with the help of our partners Hoval. The system was then installed quickly and effectively on-site

Mark Penprase, General Manager of 361 Degrees believes allowing cameras to document these unique projects shows the value and transparency of 361 Degrees’ work and the values the company prides itself on:

“Many of the projects we deal with can last months, that means our clients get to spend a lot of time with our project managers, engineers and technical staff. By allowing cameras onto project sites we can demonstrate to a wider audience that the phrase ‘a degree further’ is more than just a slogan.”

“With the ability to deliver projects to varied clients and budgets, 361 Degrees has found it a challenge to demonstrate their adaptability to a wider audience but we are very proud of the two projects documented in ‘Inside 361’ and I believe it shows our commitment to deliver the best system for the fairest price.”

The first series of videos will total six episodes but plans are already underway for a second series, which will focus on service and maintenance and consultancy.

For further information, please contact Head of Marketing Lewis English through our contact form.

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