Is your business snubbing energy efficiency?

In 2015 it was recorded that only a tenth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reduced their energy usage compared to the year before.

A recent survey published by Scottish Power reports SMEs are making ‘little progress with energy saving’. It’s surprising because new energy saving technologies have been more accessible in the last 5 years than ever before and these SME’s are not seizing the opportunity to save money on their running costs.

It’s said, 60% of SME owners ‘don’t think energy efficiency in the workplace is a key priority’ and only half of them enforce measures to increase energy efficiency in the workplace. 

The report further stated that only one in 10 SMEs perform energy audits to keep track of what they’re using each year.

The Carbon Trust continues to campaign about energy efficiency and urges all SMEs to take control of their energy outgoings.

“Energy saving is an easy win. Cutting money off the bottom line is a great way to increase profitability. But although there is often a considerable opportunity to reduce overheads, in most companies this often gets overlooked.” – Richard Rugg, Managing Director, The Carbon Trust

361 Degrees

As a mechanical services provider, 361 Degrees have supplied heating and ventilation systems to a variety of sectors over the last 30 years. We understand the importance of energy efficiency and how much money businesses could save if they enforced simple measures.

We recognise many factors impact a business’ running costs and this is why we offer a free site survey to measure your current systems energy efficiency. Once calculated our technical consultants provide a solution on how to maximise the energy you use. Options we discuss, could be a simple service and maintenance schedule for your existing HVAC system or a brand new design and install.


Our long-standing relationship with leading industry supplier Mitsubishi Electric enables us to provide the finest equipment in the mechanical services industry. Our partnership saves costs on the total project, which in turn saves money for the end client. On top of that, we have access to equipment which qualifies for taxation benefit, saving further costs and limiting environmental impact.

Our recent case study for Thomas Cook is evidence that even with bigger projects we meet demand on energy savings. Click here to find out how we did it. 

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