Is your office missing out on green productivity?

Staff are a major asset to a business, usually accounting for 90% of its operation costs, which is why staff productivity is so important. To ensure maximum productivity, businesses must provide staff with a comfortable and green working environment. And by doing so they avoid staff absenteeism, increase work efficiency and cut waste energy costs.


A report published by World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) in 2014 discussed the impact of office design on staff and the planet as well as the positive effects it has on a business. The main points of the study focused on indoor air quality, increased natural light and green plants placed in the office. It went onto mention the benefits from these measures being introduced:

·         Workers in offices with windows, who are subject to more natural light achieve 45 minutes more sleep at night than those without.

·         A well ventilated office can double cognitive ability.

·         Good temperature controls can increase staff performance by 10%.

Two years on from their first report, the WorldGBC published a further report on its findings gathered from various green workplaces around the world. Their findings strengthened the argument that indoor air quality, heating, lighting, noise and access to amenities all attributed to staff and business performance.

 “The results are clear: putting both health and wellbeing, and the environment, at the heart of buildings, is a no-brainer for businesses’ employees and the bottom line.” Terri Wills, WorldGBC CEO

A degree further

As a mechanical services company, 361 Degrees have had the opportunity to improve many working environments across various sectors. Our installations not only provide occupant comfort but decrease waste costs on your energy bill. We design heating or ventilation systems best suited for your business in order to maximise staff productivity and energy efficiency.

One of our case studies features a project for Hadrian Academy, which shows how our heating system design raised a school’s energy efficiency by 30%. To read more on this case study click here.

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