Bosch's New Air Conditioning System

Bosch’s systems will be what is traditionally called a three pipe system (although not all systems utilise three pipes). This means that the new Bosch systems will be able to heat and cool an environment simultaneously.

VRF is an efficient way to control a climate and our Technical Consultants have found them to be suitable for use in commercial buildings of any size.

With outputs ranging from 8kw to 200kw Bosch’s new air conditioning systems employ a heat recovery system that boasts an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of 7.0 at a 50% load (8HP) and a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 8.0.

Bosch will have three series as part of the launch – the SDCI, the RDCI and the MDCI and enter the market as follows

  • SDCI Series - An All Inverter Heat Pump
  • RDCI - An All DC Inverter Heat Recovery System
  • MCDI - A Mini VRV Heat Pump

Geoff Hobbs, Bosch Commercial and Industrial’s business development director  said in a statement:

“Consultants, contractors, architects and specifiers within the building services industry are increasingly faced with the challenge of recommending and installing flexible heating and hot water systems with the ability to maximise efficiency. With this in mind, we’ve taken the decision to introduce a VRF system which offers maximum heating and cooling comfort efficiently, and on a large scale.”

He added: “Our decision to enter the UK air conditioning market means those working within the sector can rely on the expertise and experience of a global brand with a wealth of knowledge of the UK building services sector.”

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