6 Simple Frost Protection Tips This Winter


As water freezes, it expands inside the pipes causing them to crack with the pressure. Here are some simple tips to avoid this happening: Do not turn off your Heating system completely. 

The small additional cost is insignificant compared to the possible repair cost.

Maintain your building at a Minimum of 5 - 7oC at all times.

This can be done by adjusting the heating controls so that the frost protection/night setback is set to maintain a constant low temperature.  This will ensure that the building never drops below freezing point.

Create a small heat spike.

It is important if you are going to leave your system on frost protection during particularly cold periods or if you have an external HVAC plant, that you set a short period of increased heat during the coldest period (between 02:00 - 03:00).  This does 2 things: It keeps the building fabric from getting too cold which can cause it to crack and it allows heat to circulate through your HVAC system which reduces the risk of the plant seizing up or any exposed plant freezing.

Carry out a risk audit.

Identify which areas of your building are most at risk of freezing, and what disruption would be caused if it did freeze up.  Then take measures to ensure they are adequately protected.

Don’t ignore faulty equipment.

Repair bills are almost always cheaper than potentially crippling frost damage.

Program the controls correctly.

Take time to check that your controls system is set up correctly and is programmed to cope with the cold periods.  This can save you considerable amounts of energy, reduce the risk of frost damage and mean you can go back to a healthy and warm workplace after the holidays.

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A well maintained HVAC system can make a big contribution to workplace vibrancy and productivity.  361 Degrees works with organisations to design, install and maintain their climate control systems for optimum performance, compliance and comfort.  For more information, visit www.3sixty1.co.uk.

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