Mitsubishi Electric Launches Air Conditioning VRF System


  Refrigerant Free Indoor Units

The unit, which removes the need for leak detection systems, was launched last week and is powered by the Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) box that connects to a standard City Multi unit through the normal refrigerant pipework.

Using water pipework to the indoor units, it is able to deliver mild air-off temperatures and create a stable environment every month of the year.

Air Conditioning Compliance

Compliance is also made easier by the new system, as without refrigerant BS EN378 compliance is simple.

“There is a lot of legislation impacting on the use of energy in the built environment and at the same time, there is a drive to look for new refrigerants to mitigate any harm to the environment”, explains Sebastien Desmottes, Product Marketing Manager for the company.

“This will have a major impact on the industry over the next 15 years but in the meantime, we have to deliver systems that provide customers with a comprehensive choice to help them reduce emissions and running costs whilst meeting current and future legislation.

“BS EN378 in particular will restrict the amount of refrigerant that can be used in occupied spaces and we believe there is now a growing market for this type of system”, adds Desmottes.

For more information visit the Mitsubishi Electric website.


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