What is a Heat Recovery VRF System

Air Conditioning a room or building can include air cooling but can also provide an extremely energy efficient (above 300%) heat source. Today there are a wide range of air conditioning systems available from global leading manufacturers to provide both heating and cooling. Only a select few however can do both simultaneously for the different areas of your building -  a Heat Recovery VRF System is the ultimate solution.

Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems.

The term Heat Recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) refers to the ability of a VRF system to control the amount of refrigerant flowing to each of the evaporators (indoor heating/cooling units). This enables the Heat Recovery VRF system to achieve the following:

  • Simultaneously heating and cooling to different rooms or areas. This is important mid-season for high occupancy board rooms or south facing offices with high solar heat gain.
  • Provide heat recovery from one area to another – an extremely energy efficient method of transferring unwanted heat to areas that require additional warmth (larger open plan offices).
  • VRF systems are extremely versatile in the choice of indoor heating/cooling systems available - from small wall mounted units to the larger ceiling concealed ducted systems.

The Benefits

Energy Efficiency

In the UK, many buildings throughout the year require cooling in some areas and heating in others – even in adjacent offices. The heat recovery VRF systems will recover surplus heat energy from areas too warm and distribute to areas requiring additional warmth. This can achieve savings of up to 30% over conventional systems.

Limited Outdoor Space Required

VRF external condenser units are extremely compact to allow for limited installation space and can be installed on a flat roof plant area, within a vented plant room or even in an external plant area in excess of 100mt from your building. They are also designed to be extremely quiet whilst in operation with sound pressure levels in the region of 65dBA


The principle of these two recognised names for air conditioning systems is identical. VRV (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is a registered name for Daikin and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Volume) is a term used by many other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Fujitsu and many more

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