The whole end to end experience was a joy to behold. Everything that was said prior to engagement was delivered by the installation team. The work was undertaken and delivered to complete satisfaction.
— Media Solutions Company - London

Increased productivity, an improved bottom line and happier staff can all be achieved with a perfect work environment from 361 Degrees. We can use the full range of mechanical services including air conditioning, heating and ventilation (HVAC) to design and install a system that delivers and then goes a degree further. As a result, we create the most ideal office HVAC solution for your business.

Mechanical Services Experts

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working with customers who have individual offices, open plan workspaces, laboratories, cold rooms and a mixture of different spaces. Whether you need a cooling or heating system in place, we create climates and environments that match your needs. 

Long-life Support

Our work across a range of sectors and organisations means we have the expertise to deliver an office HVAC system that is energy-efficient, cost-effective and hassle-free. And as Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partners and Daikin D1 Approved installers we can give you additional support and long-life warranties up to 7 years. 

  • VRF / VRV Air Conditioning Systems
  • Split DX Air Conditioning 
  • Water Chilled Air Conditioning 
  • Gas Boiler Heating 
  • Fresh Air Ventilation


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