Working with 361 Degrees: Kully’s Story

Schools and colleges must follow guidelines and satisfy regulations that other commercial premises simply don’t need to consider. That means they need partners who understand their requirements and have the expertise to deliver.

In this short video, Kully Birring explains why Barnfield College chose 361 Degrees for a boiler installation project, and why the partnership continues with a regular servicing contract. Kully is Head of Facilities, Environment, Safety and Health, so it’s his responsible to keep the heating and air conditioning systems in working order.

When he took on the job, two of the college’s five boilers were in need of replacement. The 361 Degrees team, with more than two decades’ worth of experience in the education sector, was the ideal choice because we install the best systems at the fairest price, and know how to plan projects around schools’ unique requirements.

“Working with 361 Degrees makes my daily responsibilities much easier,” says Kully. “I can rely on them to be there when I need them, both on a reactive response system and on a planned scheduling system.”

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