What is HVAC Commissioning?

The commissioning element of a mechanical services installation – certifying equipment and handing over manuals – is often seen as the final step of the project. In fact, designers and installers alike must have one eye on the signoff process from the very beginning.

Foresight is essential because we need to consider, at every stage, whether the system we design can deliver the conditions you need to create.


The choices we make in the design stage are critical to the performance of your system. Thermal load calculations inform choices of plant, ductwork, pipe runs etc. An operations and maintenance (O&M) manual will be provided when an installation is complete, but designers have input on this from the earliest stages to guarantee it reflects their intentions.


The commissioning process itself involves a thorough check of all equipment, with verification that it has been installed to the manufacturers’ specifications. Full operation is checked before commissioning certificates can be issued.

In a heating system, this means checking everything from how well a boiler fires to pipe connections and safety valves. For air conditioning, we’ll check features such as airflow and fan speed.

Once the O&M manual is prepared, our team will discuss it with the relevant staff members, or in the case of contractors, the client directly, according to your preference.


Of course, for your system to continue running safely and efficiently, ongoing maintenance is essential. O&M manuals include details of how often ducts should be cleaned, filters replaced and sensors checked.

Whether we originally commissioned your equipment or not, the 361 Degrees servicing team are experts in maintaining mechanical services systems and ensuring they create the best possible conditions for your building.

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