Video: Finding the Balance in Commercial HVAC

Designing a commercial heating system is often about finding the right balance. Not only in the operation of the system, to achieve the optimal environment for each part of a building, but also in the cost and efficiency.

As customers become more conscious of environmental responsibility, designers of commercial HVAC solutions are adapting their approaches. It may mean spending more money at the outset, but the result is often a more efficient system that saves money in the long term.

In the video below, 361 Consulting’s Iain Kyle explains the shift he’s observed over the course of his career. As a Design Consultant he now has more options available to him, as more efficient equipment allows him to ensure heat and energy is used only when and where it is needed.

“People are much more energy-conscious now, as a result mostly of pricing, but also of carbon targets,” says Iain. “That is what drives how we design these systems, to make them better, to make them more responsive and to make them more efficient.”

Exceptional Service

With a greater awareness of cost and value comes a greater need to deliver the best possible systems. 361 Consulting was created in response to years of seeing unrealistic, unsustainable designs for mechanical systems.

One of the team’s defining traits is strong communication, as it is important for a client to understand the aims of a design and the decisions behind it. “We need to tell them how we’re translating that design into what they’re actually getting on site, because there will always be subtle differences,” says Iain.

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