‘Next generation’ VRF air conditioning from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of a new type of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning system. The manufacturer believes it will help building operators meet increasingly difficult demands on space and offer improved energy efficiency.

VRF air conditioning solutions allow for simultaneous heating and cooling, as separate units each have their own energy controls. Heat from areas that are too warm is redistributed to areas that are too cool, with each indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit, often placed on the roof.

The new City Multi YNW models from Mitsubishi Electric include a unique four-sided heat exchanger, which product specialist Jordan Jeewood explained brings several benefits.

“We have increased the amount of cooling capacity that can be delivered per square metre of plant by 28% thanks to the advanced wrap around heat exchanger,” he said. “This means less space is needed for outdoor modules and greater flexibility in where they can be located.”

Improved efficiency

Other advantages include lower sound levels thanks to improved compressor and fan design, while the 34kW model offers close to a 20% improvement in energy efficiency.

“Today’s installers and building operators face tough challenges set by planners and designers and the City Multi YNW is designed to deliver the most energy-efficient solutions whilst providing the most comfortable environment,” said Mr Jeewood.

As many as 50 indoor units can be connected to an outdoor model and the system is available in capacities ranging from 22kW up to 150kW. A two-pipe heat recovery option allows for flexibility in a commercial air conditioning installation, as individual sections can be commissioned as and when required in a phased project.

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