Inside 361: Rooftop Installation

The 361 Degrees team is installing a VRF air conditioning system in the latest episode of Inside 361.

Co-founder Oliver Green is on site to oversee the latest stage of the project, which will ultimately provide simultaneous heating and cooling to the office building. The team has stripped out old fan coil units, and is now ready to move four Mitsubishi Electric City Multi units to the roof.

These installations can be planned months in advance and the weather rarely cooperates, but the team is well prepared. Any delay can be expensive and disruptive, so they’ll carry on for as long as it’s safe to do so.

The new system also includes an upgrade to the Building Management System, with software adapted to accommodate the new equipment and allow for greater control over the environment. This will not only lead to greater comfort levels for the occupants, but also improve efficiency and therefore reduce running costs.

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