Inside 361: Prefabricating School Boilers

In this first episode of our behind-the-scenes video series, the team modifies three boilers for a primary school heating system.

Work is carried out at our own facilities in Luton, before 361 Degrees engineers carefully deconstruct and label each component. The boilers are then shipped to the school and rapidly reassembled, allowing an intricate installation to be completed with minimal disruption.

Technical consultant Douglas Ford explains this prefabrication process is ideal for a primary school, as engineers rarely need to spend more than one day on site. “It means less time on site; less stress and hassle for the school.”

Hoval UltraGas 250 boilers were chosen for this project not only for their high efficiency rating, but also because their design eliminates the need for some of the additional equipment that can increase the cost of a heating system.

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