HVAC Design in the Future Workplace

Creating the right conditions in the workplace is becoming more important than ever, as businesses recognise a need to focus on the ‘human experience’. HVAC design can play a key role in this evolution, because more effective heating and air conditioning have a direct impact on wellbeing and productivity.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) surveyed over 7,300 people in 12 countries for its Workplace, Powered by Human Experience report. It found managers are becoming more aware that those working in inspiring and nurturing environments perform better, so there is a greater focus on engagement and fulfilment than ever before.

Chris Ireland, UK chief executive at JLL, said: “While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to generating an ideal working environment, our research reveals that your workplace design can enable you to transform your business.

“An office environment influences productivity, attraction and engagement of staff, and reflects the culture and brand decisions that ultimately impact a company’s bottom line.”

At 361 Degrees, we believe HVAC design plays a significant role in creating an ideal working environment for your staff. Various studies have shown comfortable temperatures and better air quality help employees’ decision making and creativity.

Workers are also turning away from traditional workspaces, with nearly 40% of respondents to the survey saying they are in favour of places they can recharge away from the desk, while nearly half want separate areas designed to aid concentration. Empowering people by including them in decisions about the physical environment also, JLL noted, helps with engagement and fulfilment. And with nearly 90% of people in favour of the appointment of a chief happiness officer to act as a custodian of wellbeing, emphasis on health is likely to grow.

Understanding a building and its function is a crucial first step, as no two workplaces are alike. Those who put people at the heart of their designs are far more likely to see the benefits of engaged, satisfied staff.

And according to the JLL research, these buildings are likely to achieve much higher market value. “The future world of work means the return on a property investment will depend on new measures of success – the satisfaction, productivity and wellbeing of people in your building,” Mr Ireland observed.

To learn more about HVAC and building services design that helps people excel, visit 361 Consulting.

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