Designing for the Future: RICS Property Journal

Is your workplace fit for the future? Is your building ready to adapt to a brave new world of flexibility? The way we work is changing, so landlords and employers need to prepare.

In an article for the RICS Property Journal, 361 Degrees design expert Iain Kyle describes how heating and air conditioning systems need to be planned not only with current occupants in mind, but also with an eye on the future. An eye on who is likely to work in a building, and how they might carry out that work.

As people begin to understand more about the indoor environment and how it affects their health, happiness and productivity, staff are demanding more from the workplace. Effective air conditioning regulates temperature, prevents the spread of disease and contributes to an overall atmosphere that is now seen not as a luxury, but as a basic right and expectation.

In the article, Iain explains how a budget approach to HVAC at the expense of staff comfort is simply “not acceptable” in the modern workplace. “I think one of the main challenges facing the industry is isolating mechanical services and not seeing the wider picture,” he says. “If you have a poorly designed or installed system that creates a poor working environment, you end up with high staff turnover and low productivity.”

You’ll find the article by 361 Degrees’ Lewis English on page 26 of the below edition of the RICS Property Journal.

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