The MEPS Deadline is Approaching, Is Your Building up to Scratch?

Landlords in England and Wales have just nine months to make sure commercial property meets energy efficiency requirements.

From April 2018, any commercial property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating below E cannot be let out. Buildings with an F or G rating must be improved before terms can be agreed with new occupants.

The regulations, known as the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), were introduced in 2011, with separate arrangements applying similar rules in Scotland. MEPS won’t initially apply to existing contracts, though these will need to be brought in line by 2023.

Simple Changes

As a landlord, you can make simple changes to improve your building’s EPC rating, whether you’re preparing the property for rental in 2018 or looking beyond to more stringent regulations.

Insulation and more efficient lighting can make a significant difference, as can modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The 361 Degrees team has vast experience of working in occupied offices, so a new installation does not have to mean disruption for your existing tenants.

Alternatively, energy controls that balance all your building's energy consumption can reduce the need for major renovation. As with all our projects, a Technical Consultant will discuss every option (including installation, upgrade and repair possibilities) to make sure you get the best possible solution.


Regulations will continue to crack down on inefficient buildings over the coming years, but a well-designed HVAC system will future-proof your building. Tenants are also likely to be attracted by the lower running costs of more energy efficient workplaces, so a discussion of ways to improve your building could prove to be particularly rewarding.

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