Boiler Breakdown: 'The Engineer Clearly Knew His Job'

A good boiler servicing contract can be like a dentist – if you wait until you think you need one it might be too late. Fortunately for the Harpenden & District Indoor Bowls Club, a breakdown didn’t have to mean disaster once they contacted 361 Degrees.

The club’s boiler is vital to keeping members warm, so it needs regular maintenance to avoid problems. When it eventually failed, heat quickly escaped the building.

As Club Secretary Peter Seeley explains in the video below, the priority was to find a reliable, proactive company to carry out remedial works, and to establish a long-term partnership to avoid similar issues.

Perhaps most importantly of all, 361 Degrees engineers are trained, qualified and prepared to fix problems when they arrive at a site wherever possible.

Peter says his colleague instantly “felt comfortable he was talking to the right person” when the engineer arrived. “Lots of kit arrived in, which he’d never seen before. It wasn’t just somebody going into the cupboard and poking fingers at it – it was somebody who clearly knew his job,” Peter adds.

Whether you have an ageing system in need of a check-up, or just want peace of mind that you won’t suffer a major heating failure, a servicing and maintenance contract specific to your needs is essential. And with regular maintenance by qualified professionals often a requirement of the terms of a warranty, make sure you know what to look for in an engineer.

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