Watch: The Importance of Office Air Conditioning

Regular servicing of your air conditioning system is one of the most important ways you can look after your employees’ health.

In this video, Servicing Engineer Warren Foskett explains the risks of leaving a unit unchecked. Even the most efficient systems can be affected by dust, and filters must be changed to keep them running smoothly.

There is, of course, an obligation to service office air conditioning systems under most manufacturer warranties, but doing so also protects the health and wellbeing of building occupants by reducing the risk of the spread of bacteria.

And with a growing body of research demonstrating the link between air quality, happiness and productivity, businesses can’t afford to overlook this aspect of the office environment.

As Warren explains, customers of 361 Degrees can be confident their servicing contracts are tailored to their needs, as we have the experience to maintain all systems and do everything we can to work around our clients’ unique requirements.

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