Taking HVAC Designs In-House

One of the biggest challenges of a mechanical service installation is getting everyone involved up to speed at different stages, particularly if there’s a change. Engineers often come to the process late, after designers have drawn up plans and the client has approved.

However, 361 Degrees takes a different approach to design. Our in-house designers get input from engineers and operations managers from the beginning, whether they’ve inherited an outline and are adding to it or beginning the process themselves.

Everyone involved has a broader understanding of the process and the big difference, according to Design Consultant Iain Kyle, is the speed at which the team can adapt to changes.

“We had one project in an older building, where the engineers discovered some unexpected holes behind walls. Rather than going to the client, who would then go to the designer for updated plans, the site engineers could feed straight back to the in-house designer.”

The designer worked quickly to overcome the problem, relayed a solution to the team, and the project was back on track.


A more collaborative approach is particularly useful for office refurbishment projects, which are more likely to see the team working within a strict budget. The process requires detailed calculations of air and heat flows, with occupancy levels and usage plans taken into consideration to make informed decisions.

Designers are more likely to need to adapt as these projects progress, Iain explains, so a lack of silos means better quality work and fewer delays.


A key element of the 361 Degrees design service is validation of existing plans when a client provides a brief. Regardless of the level of detail of the design, our team checks it for compliance with best practice guidelines and building regulations (particularly Part L and Part F, which govern energy conservation and ventilation respectively).

As Iain explains: “A good designer always adds value, whether we’re developing a brief into a functional, ready-to-install design or simply finalising a fully-fledged installation drawing.”

If you’d like to learn more about how the 361 Degrees design service can help your heating, ventilation or air conditioning project, get in touch.

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