Meet the Team: Head of Technical Michael Farmer

Michael Farmer is already a familiar face for many 361 Degrees customers. As Head of Technical, he’s often seen on site supporting engineers and advising on best practice. But he’s also got a keen eye on the future, and plans to use new technology to provide a heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation service like no other.

Expertise Throughout

Having worked in the mechanical services industry for well over a decade, Michael has managed projects of all shapes and sizes.

Now, his work spans every stage of an installation project. From advising customers on the feasibility of designs to ensuring engineers have the resources to follow industry regulations, and serving as a point of contact throughout.

One of the differences he’s noticed at 361 Degrees is the extra care taken to make sure every system we install is the best possible solution for the client. “The assumption might be that it’s best to retain and reuse equipment,” he says. “But we look at the entire scheme and often we’ll find that stripping out and replacing creates a better life expectancy. The initial outlay might be higher, but that’s outweighed by the long-term savings.”

New Technology, New Solutions

Michael began his career as a pipe fitter, quickly becoming a mechanical project engineer. Later, as Senior Technical Manager for a major contractor, he oversaw mechanical and electrical installations worth up to £10 million.

But at 361 Degrees he saw an opportunity to focus on a diverse range of projects, while enjoying the freedom to apply his technical knowledge to develop new solutions and strategies.

His past work includes product development training in Germany and Italy, where he would liaise with manufacturers about how their systems were implemented in the UK. That gives him insight not only into how best to implement existing technology, but also into how new solutions can be used to improve our response times and the customer experience in general.

Staying Ahead

“I’m interested in what we can do to create more refined, more user-friendly, more intuitive heating and air conditioning systems,” Michael says. “And if we’re always up to date with industry developments and progression, we’ll stay well ahead of our competition in terms of technical expertise.”

To learn more about how 361 Degrees uses detailed technical knowledge to design and install heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that create the perfect environment for you, contact the team.

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