A Unique Approach to Interior Fit-Outs

Working on a project with multiple contractors, designers and project managers can feel like spinning plates. It cuts into profit margins and the more people you have on a site, the greater the chance of things slipping through the cracks.

In this short video, Business Development Manager Ronny Reeves explains how 361 Degrees works with interior fit-out companies to keep things simple.

Dedicated project management, design and commissioning teams help ensure the highest level of service at every stage, whether our partners are taking a full package or a combination of services.

We eliminate miscommunication and contractors get a completely compatible mechanical department, as if it was part of their own company. And as Ronny explains, “it’s our on-site performance that wins us repeat work”.

For more information on our work with interior fit-out contractors, contact the 361 Degrees team.

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