'Smart' Air Conditioning Upgrade from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi has launched a new high-end air conditioner that users can control from a smartphone or tablet.

The Premium Series SRK-ZS is one of the most efficient on the market and boasts particularly low noise levels – a must for the modern workplace.

Special attention has been paid to the design of the range, with Italian studio Tensa srl contracted to create an elegant look suitable for any commercial environment, particularly offices and hotels.

And as connected technology becomes more widespread in the air conditioning industry, Mitsubishi explained user-friendly operation is an important aspect of the series. “An optional Wi-Fi gateway device installed inside the unit makes it possible for the unit to be controlled via smartphone or tablet,” the company said. “This is smart air conditioning, evolving around your schedule.”

ZS-S systems represent an upgrade on Mitsubishi’s ZM-S range, although 361 Degrees will be able to provide the new, more efficient units at the same pricing levels as the old, thanks to our partnership with supplier AMP Air.

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