Air Conditioning Versus Productivity

The invention of air conditioning has impacted the productivity of our workplaces, but has it affected office life in a positive or a negative way?

As the summer is still here in the UK, many will be appreciative of a fully functioning air conditioning system, singing the praises of Willis Carrier as they enter their nice cool office.

What happens when the beloved air conditioning breaks down?

Studies have proven that air conditioning impacts workplace productivity by 25% which can also be linked to employee absence. Those who feel they are too cold or too hot may resort to taking another job or engage in frequent time off.

For any office to be most effective, it takes cooperation.  The air conditioning system must provide reliable, steady heating and a cooling source which is well maintained. Employees should not have access to the thermostat to adjust, but they must dress appropriately to the temperatures centrally set for the office. This prevents wasteful use and eliminates the time discussing which temperature it needs to be set on.

361 Degrees have worked closely with many businesses to develop systems best catered to their needs. Whether it’s in a kitchen, warehouse or hospital we can design a system which suits the businesses daily routine.

Hadrian Avenue Academy

361 Degrees was called upon to design and install a brand new heating system for Hadrian Avenue Academy, which is a school in the local area. When we arrived our technical consultants had evaluated that their original heating system was operating at only 68% efficiency. The system was also fuelled by oil which meant the cost of running the system fluctuated in price.

Our technical consultants designed and installed a brand new energy efficient system, which featured four new boilers from leading supplier Worcester Bosch. The school now operates at 96.1% efficiency which leaves them to focus on the more important things, educating young minds.

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